Winamac Selects Trail Restrooms for Placemaking Project

Downtown Winamac may soon be getting new public restrooms. The construction of restrooms on the former Long Branch property near the Winamac Parkway has been selected as the town’s Love Your Community project.

Town manager and park board member Brad Zellers told the rest of the park board Thursday the men’s and women’s restrooms will each have two wheelchair-accessible stalls. “There’s just going to be two 12-by-12 sides,” he explained, “open between, drinking fountain, water filling station, sidewalk to the trail, sidewalk to the street.”

The Love Your Community program offers local communities up to $10,000 for placemaking projects from the Community Foundation of Pulaski County. Zellers said the restroom project has the potential to boost activity in Downtown Winamac. “Look at events downtown,” he said. “If somebody has an event, they’ve got to get port-a-johns. The first $200 of the fundraiser’s paying for the port-a-johns. Well, they won’t have that. Maybe we’ll have more events downtown.”

Zellers has completed the necessary drawings. The next step will be to submit the paperwork to the Community Foundation.