Old Winamac Town Park Restrooms to Be Demolished Next Week

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

After years of planning, the old Winamac Town Park restrooms will be torn down next week. “Monday or Tuesday, they’ll get the old restrooms down,” town manager and park board member Brad Zellers told the rest of the park board Thursday. “During that timeframe, I’m going to have a couple town employees at the gate. We’re going to close the park off while the contractor’s doing that, so there aren’t people going in, liability things.”

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Winamac Park Board to Award Construction Bid for New Town Park Restrooms Tonight

The Winamac Park Board will award a construction bid for the Town Park restroom project tonight. Plans call for the old brick restrooms to be demolished and replaced with a new structure, with more ADA-compliant stalls and more room in general. The park board received bids from the FORM-IT Corporation for $165,000 and Gariup Construction Company for $347,500.

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