Winamac High School Teacher to Help Launch Physics Teaching Collaborative in Mexico City

Winamac Community High School

A Winamac High School teacher has been chosen to help set up a physics teaching collaborative in Mexico City. Jeremy Wegner will travel there as part of a group from Notre Dame.

The Eastern Pulaski School Board approved a 10-day leave of absence for Wegner Monday. “When we look at it and say it’s 10 school days, you kind of judge that and say, ‘Man, you hate to have a teacher out of the room that long,'” commented Superintendent Dan Foster. “But some of the things he’s done, we have seen him first-hand bring back stuff to our kids. That to me is a lot, and this would be a pretty neat thing, and it’s kind of an honor for him to be asked. I mean, that’s a big deal. Notre Dame is asking him to go with them and set up this. It’s pretty cool.”

Wegner has also worked with Fermilab and CERN to bring the latest scientific knowledge into his classroom. High School Principal Rick DeFries thanked the board members for letting Wegner take part in this unique opportunity.

In other personnel action Monday, the school board approved the hiring of Bethany Podell to take over special education at Eastern Pulaski Elementary School. “I know of her, and we have a gift,” said board member Beth Ruff. “We’ve received a big gift there.”

Podell comes to Eastern Pulaski after four years at the Plymouth Community School Corporation.