School Bus Safety

The new design of many school buses is causing some concerns about safety. A feature that was installed to give drivers more warning that children are in the area and the bus is about to stop is not being heeded.

In the past, when a bus would stop the arm would come out and the red lights would flash in unison. Now buses feature flashing yellow lights while the driver is coming to a stop, and once they stop completely they hit a button to put out the arm and start the red lights.

Although the yellow lights are supposed to warn oncoming drivers that they need to stop, the superintendent of Culver Community Schools Karen Shuman says she’s heard reports of people pulling around buses before the arm can come up. This potentially puts children attempting to board the bus, the driver of the passing vehicle and others on the road in danger.

Motorists in areas where there are frequent bus stops should be aware of this new design and understand that yellow means slow down, not go around.