Culver Town Council to Hold Hearings on Zoning Changes

The Culver Town Council will hold public hearings on several zoning changes recently approved by the Culver Planning Commission.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said the changes will be patterned after ordinances approved by Marshall County officials on the same issues.

“Those changes include a side yard visibility requirement in the L-1 District, permitting for solar electric systems, requiring roof permits in Culver, lowering the number of parking spaces required in the C-2 District, allowing lighted signs in the commercial district, and changes to fence height requirements in L-1.”

The Marshall County Commissioners adopted an amendment to the zoning ordinance concerning solar energy systems in September. Plan Director Ralph Booker presented the amendment that covers the intent, public purpose, and authority for the installation of micro, small, medium, and large solar energy systems. It discusses setback and height requirements, a site plan and permits available.

While the county’s ordinance regulates the installation of the solar energy systems, it also covers responsibility if the equipment is abandoned or decommissioned. Culver’s ordinance amendment will be similar to the county’s document.

The public hearings are anticipated to take place during the Culver Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14.