Financial Arrangements for Vehicle Purchases Approved by Hamlet Council

The Town of Hamlet is moving ahead with a few vehicle purchases. Last month, the town council approved the purchase of a 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Explorer Utility from Best Ford in Knox for just under $30,000. On Wednesday, council members passed a resolution formally approving the financing.

Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts said the town will take out a three-year loan from First Farmers Bank, with the first payment due in June of 2018. “It’s the exact same as we did with the other police car and the truck, four years ago I think, except the interest rate,” she explained. “We got it at 3.75. This time, it’ll be at four percent. It’s the bank that we already bank through. It’s just easiest. They know all of our info.”

Meanwhile, another resolution was passed for the purchase of a 2018 Ram 2500 pickup truck for the Hamlet-Davis Township Volunteer Fire Department. The town will buy the truck outright with the proceeds from the recent sale of an old fire truck. According to the resolution, the money will first pass through the town’s Economic Development Income Tax Fund. Any money left over from the fire truck sale will be used to update the fire department’s equipment.

On top of that, Hamlet may soon be purchasing a third vehicle. Street Superintendent Fred Rowe had gathered quotes for a new plow, but Council President Dave Kesvormas noted that the truck it would be placed on is also due for a replacement. “We’re like putting good money after bad into this,” he said. “It’s too big. And maybe we can get a 3500-series. Something without air brakes. Something that’s four-wheel drive. That’s not even four-wheel drive.”

Council member Brian Earnest agreed it might be more cost-effective to get a new truck before replacing the plow. “You’d hate to put a brand new plow on this one and then have it not be transferable,” he said.

“Exactly,” added Kesvormas, “and then we’d have to buy a whole other plow or a whole other plow mount to mount this plow.”

Council members agreed that Rowe should begin seeking quotes for a new truck.