Knox High School Culinary Crew Provides Samples at Knox School Board Meeting

Knox School Board meetings feature a ‘spotlight on success’ in which students or various school programs are highlighted. Superintendent Dr. William Reicchart said that last week, board members and patrons received a savory surprise of several culinary treats to sample.

The culinary arts teacher Jill McNeil was at the meeting with six of her students to talk about the vocational culinary class offered at Knox High School. McNeil reported that the class contains students from different parts of Starke County. Currently ten students from Knox but there is also a student from North Judson-San Pierre and another Oregon-Davis. Though the majority of students are juniors and seniors, they accepted a few sophomores this year.

Dr. Reichhart said that the students have dubbed themselves the ‘Culinary Crew’ and the class provides post-secondary opportunities. McNeil explained that her class is a part of the vocational cooperative and upon completion the students will receive ServSafe certifications and dual credits through Ivy Tech.

Additionally, Superintendent Reichhart mentioned that the vocational programs received approximately $40,000 more than what was budgeted for this year.