Mayor Estok Starts Discussion With Knox City Council About Vehicle Replacement

Mayor Dennis Estok informed Knox City Council members this week that he is looking into funding options to replace a vehicle for Kenny Pfost, the city’s Planning Administrator and Director of Building and Code Compliance.

Pfost told the council members that he’s been utilizing his personal vehicle for about three weeks after the city issued vehicle quit running and. Mayor Estok said the vehicle was provided as a hand-me-down from the police department and has been repaired a few times in the past. The projected cost of current repairs was around $16,000.

Mayor Estok explained that they have utilized hand-me-downs in the past and said it’s typically a gamble whether or not they will last. “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t because you end up putting more money into it,” Estok said, “so what we are looking at is maybe purchasing a new vehicle. I think we kind of want to go with another Tahoe basically, for the winter time and other uses.”

Mayor Estok said he’ll continue looking into where funds will come from and the subject will be on the agenda for the next Knox City Council meeting.