Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Officer Heading Over to Winamac PD

The Winamac Police Department will be welcoming a new reserve officer onto their force following a decision made by the Winamac Town Council on Wednesday night. Town Marshal Michael Buchanan came before the council requesting permission to add Alec Berger to the Winamac Police Department as a non-paid reserve officer. Buchanan explained that Berger currently works as a reserve officer for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s office but he recently expressed interest in working for the Winamac Police Department.

Buchanan provided a nice recommendation for Berger, and though he said he wouldn’t be going out on calls by himself, he feels adding him would benefit the force.

“Alec has all the training necessary to be a reserve for our department.” he told the council members, “He’s been a reserve since February of this year. He would be an asset to ride along, be a second man in a car at this time.”

Town Council President Tom Murray asked whether or not Berger would be would covered under the department’s insurance. Buchanan said he would be covered under their workman’s compensation policy but there would be an additional charge to add him to the insurance. The Police Department has to pay $500 to add Berger to the insurance, just like what they were required to do when they added Sheri Gaillard as a reserve officer back in early August.

The Winamac Town Council voted 4-1 to pass Buchanan’s request, with Councilman Alvin Parish abstaining.