Pulaski County Council Approves Tax Abatement Renewals, Despite Compliance Concerns

The Pulaski County Council narrowly approved a list of tax abatement renewals Monday, despite concerns about one business’s compliance. FRATCO’s paperwork drew the attention of Council Member Kathi Thompson. She pointed out that while the business was meeting its requirement for the number of employees, the total salaries that were listed fell short of projections.

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Winamac Town Council Retains Clerk-Treasurer as Appointment for Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District

Winamac Town Council members named an appointment for the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District when they met last Monday.

According to the District’s website, as a result of growing landfills in Indiana, the 1991 State Legislature required each county to develop a plan to address its solid waste issues. Pulaski County officials teamed up with individuals from Benton, Carroll, Jasper, Newton and White Counties to work on a plan together and the district office was formed. Continue reading

Need for More Firefighters Addressed at Winamac Town Council’s Special Session

One of the first matters brought up when the Winamac Town Council held a special meeting with members of the Fire Department on Monday was the need for more firefighters.

Fire Chief Bill Weaver stated there are 16 members on the roster right now but two are inactive. He added that they’re looking at some prospective candidates currently. He explained that they’ve posted about the need for more members but haven’t had much luck getting people interested in serving. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Revisits Request to Amend Golf Cart Policy

A request to amend the Winamac golf cart policy was revisited by Town Council members when they met Monday night.

Council President Tom Murray noted that when resident Tony Calabrese came before the members during their first meeting in July, they said they would take his recommendation under consideration. Calabrese asked the council to consider adding utility vehicles, such as “Kubotas”, to the vehicles allowed on town roads.

Since they haven’t met since then, President Murray said they should discuss it during the special session to reach a consensus before their next official meeting. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Plan Commission Appointment

Winamac Town Council members approved an appointment to the Plan Commission when they met this week.

Town officials have been seeking someone to fill the open Democrat seat on the Plan Commission for several months. When town council members met Monday night, Town Manager Brad Zellers shared that someone recently expressed an interest in filling the open position. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Considers Adding More Reserve Officers to Police Force

First Sergeant Mark Hoffman with the Winamac Police Department submitted a request to add more officers to the Reserve Program during last Monday’s town council meeting.

Sergeant Hoffman explained that a few people who work for the Police Department are looking to switch positions.

“We recently had three jailers express interest in being reserves.” Hoffman went on, “I would like the board’s permission to move forward with them. It will cost the town $100 per person for insurance and probably another $100 [each] to get them outfitted.” Continue reading