Winamac Golf Cart Ordinance Receives Unanimous Council Approval

The ordinance regulating golf carts within the Town of Winamac was adopted with unanimous approval at Monday night’s town council meeting.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm mentioned that the addition of a registration fee deadline of January 31st was the only change made to the document since the last time council members looked over the ordinance. Specific stipulations about registration and operation as well as particular penalties are included in the ordinance.

There is a fee of $25 for each cart registered and the registration is effective for one year. All registration fees are deposited in the Winamac Police Department’s Continuing Education Fund. At the time of registration, the operator will be issued two numerical identification decals that should be affixed to the front and rear fender of the cart in areas where they’ll be visible when it is in operation.

Some of operational regulations include that you must possess a valid driver’s license to operate a motorized cart, they cannot be operated on State Road 14, State Road 119 or U.S. Highway 35 and crossing those roads is only permitted at designated crossings. The regulation prohibiting children who would require a safety restraint seat from riding on motorized carts is also still included in the ordinance.

Winamac Police Department will be responsible for issuing citations. Violations can result in a first offense fine of $50. If the operator commits a second offense within one year they’ll face a fine of $100. A third offense will result in a $500 fine and the owner’s registration will be revoked for a period of one year from the date of the third offense. All fines assessed shall be deposited in the Town’s general fund.

Finding no reason to abstain or oppose, all members approved the adoption of the golf cart ordinance. It will go into effect the first day of January 2018 and will continue until such a time that it is modified or repealed by the Winamac Town Council.

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