Winamac Town Council Establishes Community Crossings Grant Fund

Winamac Town Council members established an account for Community Crossings Grant funds when they met earlier this week.

Town Attorney Justin Schramm mentioned that the account would hold the $90,000 awarded through the grant as well as the $30,000 of match money. Providing match money was a stipulation of receiving the grant and the amount would be transferred from the transportation fund.

Schramm went on to describe some content within the ordinance stating, “Under section 1 paragraph three, it lists the acceptable expenditures from that account which pretty much covers almost anything you would want to do with a street, the bridge, replacing guard rails, etc.”

Other approved uses include the installation of warning or regulatory signage, intersection improvements and the construction, maintenance and design of disabilities-accessible sidewalks, ramps, curbs and gutters associated with a road project.

The final acceptable expenditure listed is any other road or street project, as determined by the Winamac Town Council. The ordinance establishing the fund received unanimous council approval.