Culver Town Council Approves Grant Fund Appropriations

The Culver Town Council members discussed grant funds that were appropriated during the year at their meeting this week.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim commented that the town was fortunate to receive several grants in 2017 that weren’t recognized in the budget. She recommended that the list be available to inform the public of all funds awarded and spent, and on the record for the Department of Local Government Finance.

Those grants include $7,500 for the OCRA park grant, $17,941.68 for INDOT Safe Routes to School, $6,000 for the Stellar Communities grant, $100,384.20 in Community Crossings funds, and $6,795 from Marshall County Community Foundation. In total, $138,620.88 in grant funds was received and spent in 2017 by the Town of Culver.

The council members unanimously approved a motion to appropriate those funds and include that information as part of the meeting record.