Knox Board of Works Considers AVL Equipment Agreement


The Knox Board of Works members considered an agreement with WTH Engineering to provide AVL service to the Knox City Police Department.

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department currently has a license and this agreement would allow Knox to utilize the Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) information. The AVL would give Starke County 911 dispatchers and Knox City Police Chief Harold Smith the ability to know where the officers are by use of GIS and GPS for more efficient dispatching efforts and record keeping. The map shows where the officers are and more detailed information can be accessed including the type of call the officer is responding to, how long the officer is at the location, and the resolution of the incident.

According to WTH Engineering, this can also serve as a public relations tool. The information collected can assist officials when questions arise regarding follow up calls and patrol requests.

Mayor Dennis Estok noted that the police department is planning to purchase new computers for the vehicles and this would work when the new computers are programmed.

The one-time start-up cost is $3,900.

The board members unanimously approved the acquisition of the AVL equipment for all cars within the Knox City Police Department.