Animal Complaints Near Top of Hamlet Police Department’s List of Calls in 2017

Hamlet Town Marshal Clint Norem presented the police department’s 2017 year-end report to the town council Wednesday. Next to traffic stops, the greatest number of calls were animal complaints. “We’ve issued several citations this year that related to animals,” Norem explained. “As of right now, there’s one that’s still kind of a bug under our seat, but the others have taken care of themselves or we’ve taken care of it by enforcing.”

Reading through some of the statistics, Council President Dave Kesvormas said there were 12 harassment calls, nine fights, eight disputes with a neighbor, and five loud music complaints in 2017. Norem pointed out that the list of calls was based on the information given to 911 dispatchers, and what officers actually find when they arrive on scene could be quite different.