North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Addresses Un-Cashed Checks

At the North Judson Town Council meeting Monday night, Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe alerted members that there are several un-cashed checks on the books that go back several years.

Rowe mentioned that on all checks dispersed by the town, it states that they can be receipted back if they haven’t deposited after 2-years. Clerk-Treasurer Rowe said after speaking to the State Board of Accounts about the matter, the plan is to receipt all checks back into the town.

However, there was one check for Fire Captain Eric Wappel from 2015 that was apparently lost. Rowe was seeking to reimburse Wappel for the fire pay he never deposited. He worked with Town Attorney Justin Schramm to draw up an affidavit requesting that the first check be declared null and void, and a new check for the original amount of $973.02 be written up and given to the fire captain.

The town council members unanimously approved Rowe’s request to cancel the initial check and reimburse Wappel for the lost funds.

Rowe added that the remainder of the checks will be addressed in March. He’s looking to get them all off the books so he won’t need to continue reconciling them each month.