Potential Railroad Sale Could Complicate Efforts to Extend Erie Trail

The potential sale of North Judson’s short line railroad could complicate efforts to extend the North Judson Erie Trail. The Prairie Trails Club wants to extend the trail to the northwest, alongside the railroad tracks. Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Larry Wickert told the town council Monday that in order to get a Next Level Trails grant from the state, it would help to have a permanent easement from the town.

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North Judson Town Council Discusses Potential Change to Election Cycle

A bill for almost $11,000 has prompted the North Judson Town Council to consider changing the town’s election cycle. The bill for last November’s town election was eventually forgiven by the Starke County Council, but during Monday’s town council meeting, Council Member Josh Brown said the county might not be willing to do that in the future.

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North Judson Town Attorney Recommends Appointing a Separate Safety Board

North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm encouraged town council members to appoint a safety board when they met Monday night. Currently, North Judson Town council members also serve as members of the safety board.

The attorney referenced an Indiana code that regulates the discipline and removal of firefighters and police officers which gives individuals the right to a hearing where they can appeal to the safety board if they face a suspension exceeding 5 days.

Schramm said that can lead to a bit of an issue when safety board consists of the same people who serve as town officials.

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Waterworks and Sewer Project Ordinances Considered by North Judson Town Council

North Judson Town Council members took a major step with their Waterworks and Sewer projects when they met last Monday.

Two ordinances related to the projects were considered at last week’s meeting. These documents laid out various details, including all the entities involved as well as certain requirements and responsibilities related to the projects and how they’re being financed. Continue reading

North Judson Town Council Addresses Property Classification Concern

North Judson Town Council members addressed a property classification concern when they met last Monday.

Don Ward and Gus Curran came before council members last week to ask whether they knew if a particular piece of property was zoned within the town limits or if it fell in the county’s jurisdiction.

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Lease Agreement Between the Town of North Judson and Fourway Computer Products to be Amended

North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm asked for some language to be added to a lease agreement between the Town and Fourway Computer Products during Monday night’s town council meeting.

At a previous meeting, the President of the company, Roland Houin, asked the council to consider upgrading the existing equipment installed on the town’s water tower next to Norwayne Field and removing any redundant or unutilized electronics to make better use of the space. Continue reading