Winamac High School Principal Updates School Board on Warrior Academy, Spanish Curriculum

Winamac Community High School

Winamac High School’s alternative learning program continues to expand each semester. That’s according to Principal Rick DeFries.

He told the Eastern Pulaski School Board last week that most students in the Warrior Academy are still using it for credit recovery. But he said more and more are moving into the program to take courses that would not otherwise be offered at Winamac High School, like Pre-Law and Medical Terminology. DeFries said the Warrior Academy gives students the chance to expand their horizons before moving on to college.

Also during his report to the Eastern Pulaski School Board, DeFries discussed efforts to strengthen the school’s Spanish language program. Teachers are scheduled to meet today with a trainer from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

DeFries said they would work on curriculum mapping, to make sure the teachers are completely in-tune with each other all the way through. He is also looking to make Spanish 3 and 4 into AP courses, as well as at ways to grow the eighth-grade Spanish class.