Winamac Town Council Approves Backflow Testing Fees

Winamac Water Department Superintendent Jeremy Beckner presented town council members with different fees to consider for the town’s backflow testing services during Monday night’s meeting.

When the town adjusted their water rates, they also offered to perform backflow testing for a flat $35 rate. However, Proscapes Owner Jason Potthoff came before the council and expressed a concern that the low rate for all systems, regardless of size, may prevent other licensed businesses from fairly competing with the town for backflow testing services.

Before approving the amended water rates, the town removed the section about backflow testing fees so Superintendent Beckner could do some research and provide some other potential prices.

At Monday’s meeting, Council President Tom Murray initially proposed going with the fees presented that started at $40. However, Councilwoman Judy Heater said she didn’t want to undercut the other certified backflow testers. She moved to go with the fees that ranged from $45 to $75.

Councilman Alvin Parrish voted against the motion while Council President Tom Murray and Council Members Judy Heater and Dan Vanaman voted in favor. Councilman Jim Watkins abstained from casting a vote, as he has a sprinkler system that requires backflow testing and he considered that a conflict of interest.

The motion passed and the approved fee schedule includes different costs for various different sizes and device types.

The full table listing the specific device sizes and types can be found below. If you have any questions, contact the Winamac Water Department at (574) 946-3251.


Device size/type Costs
¾’’ AVB, PVB or SVB $45.00
1’’ AVB, PVB or SVB $45.00
¾’’ DC or RP $50.00
1’’ DC or RP $50.00
1.5’’ DC or RP $60.00
2’’ DC or RP $65.00
2.5’’ DC or RP $65.00
3’’ DC or RP $70.00
4’’ DC or RP $75.00