Winamac Town Manager to Look into Property Request More Before Making Recommendation

Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers plans to look into a particular property request a little more before bringing any definitive recommendations before town council members.

Back in December, property owner Jason Potthoff requested sectioning off a portion of a road that carries onto his property. Potthoff explained that he owns the old Co-Op building at the end of Franklin Street.

He said recently purchased one of the final buildings in that area and now since he’s utilizing the more space there, some safety concerns have come up. He reported vehicles traveling at high speeds and finding tire tracks that indicated someone had run into one of his buildings. Potthoff mentioned that he isn’t looking to do any work until the spring, but he wanted to bring it up to the council for their consideration.

Zellers has looked into the matter a bit since it was first brought up but said there is still some more information he needs to find out. He reported that the area in question is cut in a “strange” way and is narrower in some spots than it is in others. He also said the town owns areas while other portions could belong to the property owner.

He told members he would contact Potthoff to talk about whether the area has already been surveyed. Council President Tom Murray said if one needs to be conducted, they should request that Potthoff pays for it.