Knox City Council Approves Fire Truck Purchase

The Knox City Council members voted unanimously to move forward with the purchase of a pumper truck for the Knox-Center Township Fire Department.

With the motion, members also permitted city officials to communicate with Umbaugh about obtaining a bond for the purchase of the fire truck. Mayor Dennis Estok said that Shawn Cain from KIRPC informed him that no grants are available at this time, so financing for this purchase will come the bond.

Mayor Estok added that the city’s bond limit is approximately $600,000. Fire Chief Kenny Pfost explained that after laying out some of the specifications, he expects potential trucks to run anywhere from $575,000 to $600,000. He said he anticipates the cost of the truck to be within the limit.

Pfost added that the type of truck they’re looking to buy would have the pumping capacity to take care of larger fires, should that need arise. He said he has all the specifications written out and he’s ready to advertise for the truck.