Knox Planning Commission to Hold Public Hearing Over Zoning Request

Knox Planning Commission members voted to hold a public hearing over a requested zoning change when they met Tuesday night.

When discussing potential zoning changes, Tim Miller, the owner of Royal Star Builders, addressed the board members. He said he’s interested in having a property that he purchased at 409 Pacific Avenue rezoned from residential to commercial.

He said he wants to construct one building which would be for his shop and his wife’s bio-feedback business. When he went to obtain a permit back in November, Planning Administrator Kenny Pfost informed him that since that is a residential area, he couldn’t get a permit to build a business. Miller said that he consulted the neighboring residents and they didn’t have a problem with it.

Miller already has a blueprint of the structure and said that he will adhere to all state specifications and local set back requirements. He said he fully intends to do everything by the book but he is hoping to break ground in the spring.

Member Don Kring mentioned that most of the area is already general commercial except for three lots leading up to the tracks. Rather than spot zoning, members proposed rezoning those lots, including Miller’s property, as commercial.

In order for the parcels in that area to be officially rezoned, a public hearing will need to be held. The hearing will be advertised and will take place during the next Planning Commission meeting on the first Tuesday in March.