Pulaski County Launches Government Facebook Page

Pulaski County residents can now keep up with county government on Facebook. Last week, the county commissioners agreed to let Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer set up a Pulaski County Government Facebook page. “That way, agendas, everything can be shared as soon as they go live on the website, that sort of thing,” Origer explained. “It’s just another way, for no cost other than the two minutes it might take to post something on there, to be more transparent and to communicate with the public better.”

Origer explained he’s been sharing county information on the CDC’s Facebook page, but he felt it would make more sense to have a page for county government in general. “Right now, if [Auditor] Laura [Wheeler] sends out notice of an executive session or a rescheduled meeting or an agenda, we share it on our page and that’s fine, but we might get a better audience following the county on social media if we had a dedicated county page,” he said. “So if the plan commission needs a new member, we can post in on there. We can still share it on our other pages but set up one that is explicitly for general county government purposes.”

He agreed to help administer the page, but suggested that the Auditor Laura Wheeler and other county officials also help with its operation. A week after its launch, Pulaski County’s new Facebook page already has over 200 likes.