Winamac Clerk-Treasurer’s Report Includes Budget Update and Request Pertaining to Un-Cashed Checks

Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger informed town council members last week that the Department of Local Government Finance approved the budget submitted for 2018.

Berger stated that aside from the budget being approved, she also learned that the maximum tax levy was received. She added that Eric Walsh from Umbaugh and Associates collected some information from her and said they will be meeting with Pulaski County officials to discuss the LIT levy freeze issue.

Additionally, Berger asked members for permission to enter all checks that are unaccounted for back into the system. She provided the council with a list and noted that they were at least 2 years old or older. She said while the majority of the checks are floating around un-cashed or undelivered, there were some to Winamac Lumber that were lost and subsequently reimbursed.

Berger’s request to re-enter the checks into their original accounts received unanimous council approval.