Winamac Town Council Retains Clerk-Treasurer as Appointment for Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District

Winamac Town Council members named an appointment for the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District when they met last Monday.

According to the District’s website, as a result of growing landfills in Indiana, the 1991 State Legislature required each county to develop a plan to address its solid waste issues. Pulaski County officials teamed up with individuals from Benton, Carroll, Jasper, Newton and White Counties to work on a plan together and the district office was formed. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Ordinance Allowing Utility Bills to be Put in a Landlord’s Name

The Winamac Town Council approved an ordinance last Tuesday that would allow water and electric bills at rental properties to be put in the name of the landlord, rather than switching it every time there’s a new tenant.

This idea first came up when members met in October and Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger mentioned some consistent issues with renters leaving town with unpaid utility bills. Continue reading

Indiana Main Street Representatives to Visit Winamac in December

Winamac Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger informed town council members about an upcoming event during their meeting Monday night.

She explained, “Indiana Main Street is going to be visiting. If anyone is able to attend, can you let me know? They would really love to see local involvement, especially with the county officials and town officials.”

She said officials will be in town for a two-day workshop on Thursday, December 6th and Friday, December 7th. Continue reading

Winamac Town Council Approves Multiple Ordinances Related to Clerk-Treasurer Duties

Multiple ordinances were up for consideration during Monday night’s Winamac Town Council meeting.

One of the ordinances was permitting adjustment to be made to water and sewer bills due to undetected water leaks. Another ordinance establishes policies and procedures for declaring bad credit uncollectable and the last ordinance approved credit adjustments to be made due to clerical or read errors. Continue reading