Four Women Graduate Chemical Dependency and Addictions Program

The graduates stand with Addictions Therapist Leo Smith

Four women received their certificate of completion of the Chemical Dependency and Addictions Program at the Starke County Justice Center.

The inmates took part in the 14-week program provided by officials from Porter-Starke Services. The program focused on overcoming addictions while rethinking behaviors and life choices. Participants develop skills to manage stress, anger, cravings, triggers, critical thinking and decision making. The program was facilitated by Chemical Dependency and Addictions Therapist Leo Smith who has 27 years of experience in the field working in corrections, outpatient, residential and detoxification.

Much like the men’s program, the women participated in a graduation ceremony this week and read aloud a goodbye letter to the drug of their choice, setting them free of the addiction. Encouragement was given by supporters for their return to society.

This was the fourth group to graduate from this program.

The Starke County Jail Warden Phill Cherry along with Jail Commander Nathan Caudill were instrumental in the program as well as Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall, and officials from the Starke County Prosecutor’s Office, Starke County Probation Office and Starke County Community Corrections.

Photo provided.