Knox Park Superintendent Extends His Gratitude During Park Board Meeting

Knox Park Superintendent George Byer commended Derek Johnson with Johnson’s Johns Septic Service at Monday night’s park board meeting.

Johnson was personally thanked for his assistance during this weekend’s emergency situation. Superintendent Byer explained that the floods resulted in some residents having no access to working bathrooms. Byer said he called Johnson’s Johns to request some assistance and reported that they responded quickly and effectively.

Byer said, “In about forty-five minutes to an hour we had two port-a-johns delivered down on Allen Drive to take care of the emergency due to high water and I deeply appreciate that my behalf, also on the board’s and the city’s behalf.”

Later in the meeting, members considered three bids for portable bathroom services that they’ll need to utilize for future events. One bid was submitted by Zehner’s Port-a-Johns, another came from Johnny on the Spot and the third bid came from Johnson’s Johns.

After assessing the bids and ruling out Zehner’s which was reportedly far higher than the other two, Park board members approved the bid submitted by Johnson’s Johns Septic Service. The company not only submitted the lowest bid, but the consensus was that board members were satisfied with last year’s service.

Mayor Dennis Estok, Park Superintendent Byer and Park Board member John Fletcher all added comments about how they appreciate the working relationship that exists between the company and the city.