Winamac Park Board Approves Plans for Landscaping Updates at Pulaski County Fairgrounds

The Pulaski County Fairgrounds will soon get a couple of upgrades. Last week, the Winamac Park Board authorized the Pulaski County Jr. Leaders club to replace the sign that stands at the entrance to the fairgrounds from the rest of the Town Park.

Club members said the 12-year-old sign has become faded, and they have $1,000 budgeted to replace it with a new two-by-five-foot wood or vinyl sign. It will sit on base made of stones donated by 4-H families from around the county.

Meanwhile, most of the bushes around the sign would be removed and replaced with stepping stones. The Jr. Leaders also offered to replace the timbers that separate the landscaped area from the driveway. Town manager and park board member Brad Zellers said the town would be willing to provide old utility poles to be used for that purpose.

Also during last week’s meeting, the Winamac Park Board authorized the fair board to make landscaping changes around the various buildings and memorial benches in the back of the Town Park. That would involve removing bushes and replacing them with landscaping stone, similar to what was done at the Winamac Park Pavilion.

The park board also accepted an anonymous donation of an outdoor bulletin board to be installed on the fence surrounding the pickleball courts. Board member Jon Chapman said it could be used to post play times and any other messages the town might want to put.