Culver Town Council to Review Salary Ordinance for Town Council Members

The Culver Town Council members will be looking into the salary ordinance for 2019 concerning salaries for council members.

Absenteeism has been brought up in previous council meetings as Councilman David Beggs is often absent from the council meetings, specifically during the winter months. Rich West, who serves on the Culver Redevelopment Commission, urged the town council this week to look into how elected official salaries for town council members be tied to attendance.

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim urged caution as Town Attorney Jim Clevenger or Town Manager Jonathan Leist may need to review state statute to determine if that’s a legal process. Heim did note that the salary ordinance pertaining to elected officials can only be adopted once prior to the start of a new year. Clevenger indicated that attendance may not be affected by pay, per state statute.

The information will be researched and brought to the council for further discussion in the coming months.