Winamac Town Council Opens Bids for Community Crossings Grant Projects

Paving bids for Community Crossings Grant projects were opened during last week’s Winamac Town Council meeting. Members opened bids from the companies Walsh and Kelly, E&B Paving, Central Paving and Reith Riley when they met last Monday.

E&B Paving’s bid was the highest with a $146,865 total bid. Reith Riley’s provided the next highest with a total bid of about $159,239. Walsh and Kelly submitted the second lowest total bid at $139.993 and Central Paving’s total bid was the least expensive at about $121,537. All total bids included the company’s base bid plus an alternative bid.

During their meeting, town council members voted to allow Town Manager Brad Zellers to review the bids and make the ultimate decision based on the company that met all specifications.

Since the meeting, Zellers has had time to go over the bids and chose to go with the lowest bidder, which was Central Paving. Central Paving offered a base bid of about $95,525 with an alternative bid of $26,012.

Central Paving’s bid was by far the most cost-effective, with next lowest total bid from Walsh and Kelly still costing $18,455.49 more than Central Paving’s bid.