Knox BZA Approves Variance for Pacific Avenue Property Owner

The Knox BZA met Monday night to consider a variance on the 40-foot rear-yard setback requirement for commercial properties. The owner of Royal Star Builders, Tim Miller, is looking to build a dual-purpose business on Pacific Avenue.

He bought a piece of residential property and took all the necessary steps to have it rezoned to commercial. The only thing standing in the way of construction was the fact that in his site plan, the rear-yard came in about 25 feet shorter than the required footage, so he could not apply for a building permit.

After discussing various options with the Planning Commission and the City Council, Miller was eventually advised to submit a variance request to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

As is required, the neighboring property owners were notified of the request and a public hearing was held. According to Planning Director Kenny Pfost, he was not contacted with any negative feedback and no public comments were provided during the hearing.

When discussing the matter, BZA members noted that since there aren’t any other businesses or residences behind the property, there shouldn’t be an issue with a smaller rear-yard. Members voted to grant Miller the variance on the setback requirement.

Director Pfost noted that Miller will now be able to apply for a building permit for the dual-purpose structure he intends to construct at 409 West Pacific Avenue.

One portion of the building will be used by his wife for her Biofeedback business and the other section will be a shop for his construction company.