Public Hearing Held Tuesday Over $600,000 OCRA Grant, Knox City Council Meets Tonight

The City of Knox plans to tackle a major project at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and officials are looking to receive some financial assistance through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

As a part of the process to apply for a $600,000 OCRA grant, a public hearing was held in City Hall on Tuesday night. Community Development Planner Emily Albaugh spoke on behalf of the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Commission (KIRPC) to provide some details about the grant and the application process.

Albaugh said that the estimated total cost of the project comes in at $1,972,770. She explained that if the OCRA grant was awarded for the project, the City would have to supply a $1,372,770 local match to make up the difference.

Mayor Dennis Estok stated that no public comment was provided during the hearing. KIRPC reps will now proceed with the submission of the initial proposal which is due to OCRA this Friday.

While the city’s preliminary proposal is being reviewed, a site visit with OCRA officials will take place sometime in June and a more fleshed out final application will be submitted in July. Another public hearing will be held prior to the final submission

Additionally, another meeting will be held in Knox City Hall tonight when council members convene for their regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Aside from considering an ordinance for the annexation of the J.W. Hicks property, members are anticipated to discuss a petition for declaring an Economic Revitalization Area (ERA) and a resolution designating the J.W. Hicks property as an ERA. Companies that exist within an Economic Revitalization Area can be eligible for tax abatement.

A resolution to transfer funds is also up for approval and Mayor Estok and Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston will provide reports to the council.