Starke County Man Injured in Hunting Accident

A Knox man was injured as a result of a hunting accident around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 6.

According to Indiana Conservation Officers, 52-year-old Earl Sponaugle was out turkey hunting and looking for mushrooms on his Knox property when another turkey hunter on a neighboring property reportedly spotted Sponaugle and thought he was a turkey.

Thinking Sponaugle’s head was that of a turkey, the hunter fired a single shot from a 12-guage shotgun and hit Sponaugle in the right shoulder and ear, according to the report. Sponaugle was taken to Starke Hospital in Knox where he was treated and released.

The investigation is ongoing where a report will be submitted to the Starke County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Indiana Conservation Officers were assisted by the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, Knox City Police Department, Hamlet Police Department, and Starke County EMS.

Officers stress the importance of proper target identification while hunting and what is beyond the intended target.