Starke County Park Board to Give Updates to Council

The president of the Starke County Park Board will soon give the county council members an update on projects after the request was made to do so last week.

Councilman Dave Pearman said he went by the Bass Lake Beach recently and thought it could use some maintenance and cleanup. He said he has heard of other projects that the board members are considering, but would like a formal update from Park Board President Roger Chaffins.

The Starke County Park Board has been working to get the gate house repaired after a driver hit the building and knocked it off its foundation in November. Repairs are also needed on the Bass Lake Seawall to prevent erosion and a project is anticipated at the Starke County Forest to install a new road and parking lot at the location.

Starke County Attorney Marty Lucas briefly explained some of the projects to the council last week, but Chaffins will be notified of the council’s appearance request. He will schedule a time to speak with the county council at their June meeting.