Culver-Union Township EMS Sells Ambulance

An old ambulance no longer needed by the Culver-Union Township EMS Department has now sold.

The 2002 ambulance was let for bid in December and one bid came in at $500. That bid was rejected and no other bids were received in the re-bidding process. EMS Director Kathy Hart continued to keep the sale of the ambulance open and Town Manager Jonathan Leist reported to the Culver Town Council members last week that a cash sale recently took place.

The cash offer was for $6,000, which is $2,000 less than what was hoped, but better than the bid received in December. The town has already received the check for the $6,000 amount.

Leist said he contacted Council President Ginny Bess Munroe about the sale before the final paperwork was completed. The town council was asked to approve the sale of the ambulance after the fact which was unanimously approved.

The money will be split between the Town of Culver and Union Township and the two governing entities normally come together to purchase ambulance equipment.