Indiana Department of Revenue Mailing Notices to Taxpayers Who Owe Money

Taxpayers owing money to the Indiana Department of Revenue will soon get a notice in the mail. This week, DOR officials began sending letters to those with outstanding debt from the 2018 tax season.

They say if you get one of these notices in the mail, don’t ignore it. But if you get a request by phone, email, or social media, it may be a scam. DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp stresses that U.S. mail is the only way the department contacts customers to collect payments.

If you owe money, you can pay online, through the mail, over the phone, or in-person at any DOR office. Payments may be made by credit card, check, electronic check, money order, or cash in exact change only.

If you owe more than $100 and can’t pay the full amount, you can set up a payment plan through INtax Pay, online or by calling 317-232-2165.