Knox BOW Addresses Non-compliance on Main Street Property

Members of the Knox Board of Works discussed a non-compliance issue with a Main Street property owner when they met this week.

The building situated at 1 & 3 N Main Street, owned by Pete Milev, has been cited for multiple ordinance violations by Building Administrator Kenny Pfost. While some progress has been made, there are still many issues that still need to be addressed. When members met in May, Milev claimed that if the City gave him a one-month extension, he would take down the sign as instructed, fix the fire escape and have the drop ceiling and brickwork repaired.

However, at Wednesday’s meeting, Mayor Dennis Estok noted that the while the sign has been taken down and some of the brick has been power-washed, none of the other repairs were made. Board member Jim Collins asked City Attorney Leslie Baker what the next step would be to address the non-compliance.

She said at this point, they can assess the additional penalties that would be applicable since he has failed to address the problems. She added that rather than making a lien on the property, they could pursue him personally. Baker noted that if he fails to pay the penalty fees, the matter could be taken to small claims court.

Members voted unanimously to assess the additional penalties and pursue Milev personally, giving him 15 days to pay the fee or face additional legal consequences.