Knox City Council Extends Waste Management Contract

Knox City Council members considered extending the City’s garbage services contract with Waste Management when they met on Tuesday.

Public Sector Solutions Representative Melinda Antell came before the council to go over the proposed contract extension. She noted that initially she presented a five-year contract to Mayor Dennis Estok but he requested the shorter, three-year contract extension.

Mayor Estok also previously asked if the could keep the rate flat for residents with the contract extension.

Antell explained, “He talked to me about is there any way we can keep the rate flat for the residents of Knox and that’s how we came up with the flat rate in year one. There are small increases in year two and year three but overall I think it’s very competitive with the market in the area.”

Antell mentioned that with increases in the past, the company has been consistent only making minor changes here and there. She stated within the last 10-years the City’s rate has really only increased approximately 30 cents.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston added that residents actually get charged less than the city’s rate of $13.60. He said the additional money is subsidized from the EDIT fund.

With no further questions or comments for the representative, members voted unanimously to extend the contract with Waste Management for three more years.