Knox City Council Members Vote to Move Forward with Street Print Project

Preliminary Design for Street Print Project

Knox officials are currently working to implement some of the projects established in their 2015 comprehensive plan.

When the city council met last Tuesday, Mayor Dennis Estok reminded the members about some of the projects that were included in the plan. He mentioned that the mural that will be painted on the wall behind Serenity Gardens was a part of it.

That project is currently in the design phase and city council members will now be tackling another project in the comprehensive plan, the street print project. He said, “We’ve talked about the street print to put on the corner of Lake and Main streets.” Estok reminded them, “You’ll have designed crosswalks and the city emblem in the middle of that intersection.”

The Mayor explained that this project would be a joint effort between the city and the Redevelopment Commission. He said the city’s portion would likely cost about $20,000 and could be taken out of separate accounts, in order to avoid draining any particular fund.

The company Ennis-Flint would be installing the print and their reps told the mayor that the print work can last more than 10 years without fading or coming off. They also promise to perform any needed repairs that may come up.

Mayor Estok said he needed to get affirmation from the council in order to let the company know whether they were interested in pursuing the project.

A brief discussion about the project was held. All members seemed to be on board but there were a few comments about changes that they’d like to make to the design. Mayor Estok them they can coordinate with the company to personalize the colors and other elements of the print.

Council members seemed content with the fact that changes could be made at a later date and voted unanimously to proceed. Additional planning for the colors and design will continue over the next several months. If you’re interested in seeing the breakdown of the current color scheme, click the following link to view the Knox Street Print Specifics.