Knox Employees Are Working More Safely and It’s Paying Off

When the Knox City Council met last week, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston alerted members about a major change to the city’s insurance policy.

Houston stated, “This coming year, May of 2018 to 2019, we’re going to save a total of $13,552.” He added, “Probably even more because there would have been a built-in inflation rate.”

The clerk-treasurer broke it down, stating that for worker’s compensation, the city will be paying about $4,657 less than last year. He also mentioned that for the property liability and umbrella policy that covers everything else, the city will be paying approximately $8,895 less than they paid in 2017.

Houston said the difference is due to fewer accidents being reported and noted those figures show that city employees have been working more carefully.

Mayor Dennis Estok mentioned that he holds department head meetings on a monthly basis and Houston noted that they’ve also held safety classes for employees to learn about reducing risky behaviors.

Those factors, combined with the fact that employees are not taking unfair advantage of the workman’s comp system, helped contribute to safer work environments and a reduced cost for insurance.