Oregon-Davis Plans to Adopt ALICE Procedure, As Part of Revised Crisis Plan

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is moving forward with updates to its crisis plan. The revised plan was presented on first reading during last week’s school board meeting, according to Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. “We’ve been working the past year, revising and updating our crisis plan, and we have really put safety at the forefront at our corporation,” he says. “John Kohles [is our] full-time SRO here on campus, which we are very fortunate to have, with John’s experience and his resources.”

Harman says that one of the ways Oregon-Davis hopes to improve its crisis plan is by adopting the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) procedure.  “It’s just a way to react to an active shooter,” Harman explains. “And really what ALICE is talking about is we give the autonomy to our students and our teachers. . . . And so John Kohles went to some training. This is a national program that we are looking at to implement.”

Harman says the updated crisis plan will be up for final approval next month, along with revised student handbooks. He says the only major handbook update is the removal of eLearning.