Culver School Board Considering eLearning, Holiday Policy Revisions

The Culver School Board is reviewing the way staff members get paid for eLearning days. A revised eLearning policy was presented during last week’s board meeting, according to Superintendent Karen Shuman. “We’re making sure that we are fair to all types of district employees, when it comes to being paid on eLearning days or not being paid on eLearning days,” she explains.

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eLearning Policies Considered by North Judson-San Pierre School Board

Since it is their first year implementing eLearning, North Judson-San Pierre School officials had to create some policies to go along with the program. School Board members considered the policies on first reading when they met Tuesday evening.

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin noted that the Teacher’s Association and the schools’ administrators were consulted to craft a document that fits for NJ-SP. She added that they also utilized support and resources from other area schools. Continue reading

Culver School Board to Discuss Salary Schedule, Extracurricular Assignments Tonight

The Culver School Board will consider a corporation wage and salary schedule when it meets tonight. Board members will also review their schedule for putting together the 2019 budget. The list of extracurricular assignments for the 2018-2019 school year will be up for board approval, along with a revision to the school corporation’s eLearning policy.

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Oregon-Davis Plans to Adopt ALICE Procedure, As Part of Revised Crisis Plan

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is moving forward with updates to its crisis plan. The revised plan was presented on first reading during last week’s school board meeting, according to Superintendent Dr. Don Harman. “We’ve been working the past year, revising and updating our crisis plan, and we have really put safety at the forefront at our corporation,” he says. Continue reading

Culver School Board to Consider eLearning Policy, Book Rental Fees

The Culver School Board will consider an eLearning policy and elementary school book rental fees tonight. Board members will also discuss changes to a recreation easement for the Cavalier Sports Park project. It involves upgrading a piece of school-owned property currently used for youth soccer fields, as one of the town’s Stellar Communities projects.

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Oregon-Davis School Board Removes eLearning Days from School Calendar

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation is doing away with eLearning days. Superintendent Dr. Don Harman says the decision was made after talking to teachers, parents, and community members. “We firmly believe we want students here at school to get direct instruction, and there’s really no research out there that supports students’ achievement will increase with eLearning days,” he says.  Continue reading

North Judson-San Pierre Officials Consider Implementing eLearning

Officials at North Judson-San Pierre schools are discussing the possibility of implementing eLearning in the future.

During Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin told board members that with the number of snow days and delays recently, some teachers and community members have been asking about bringing eLearning to NJ-SP Continue reading