Public Nuisance Ordinance Adopted for the Town of Winamac

Winamac Town Council members considered an ordinance to regulate public nuisances on private property when they met Monday night.

Members reviewed the ordinance which states that in the interests of protecting public safety, health and welfare as well as for the purpose of enhancing the environment for residents of the town, property owners and occupants are prohibited from allowing an environmental public nuisance to exist.

It lays out relevant definitions utilized throughout the document and sets regulations related to vegetation, grass height, yard debris, refuse and drainage and stormwater management.

Initially, there was a section that referenced “city” instead of “town” so the council members asked Town Attorney Justin Schramm to make that amendment. Additionally, he was asked to change the grass height limit from 12 inches to 8 inches.

Members voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance, pending the recommended changes. Schramm noted that since it is related to a policy change, it will not go into effect until 30 days after a notice has been published in the paper.

Click the following link to access the full amended version of  The Winamac Public Nuisance Ordinance.