Starke County Commissioners Discuss Bass Lake Beach Operations

The Starke County Commissioners held discussion on the operations at the Bass Lake Beach last week.

While Callahan Development, LLC, leases the Bass Lake Beach and Campground from Starke County, company officials say they may be willing to give up control of the beach, in order to focus on the profitable campground and pier slots.

County Attorney Marty Lucas, who also serves as counsel for the Starke County Park Board, noted that several proposals from interested residents were received concerning the operations at the Bass Lake Beach, but none of them were favorable.

Starke County resident Kenny Wallace commented that the area doesn’t look as good as it used to and something needs to be done. He also mentioned that the buildings are in bad shape.

Commissioner Kathy Norem said the county is restricted on supplying any funding to provide maintenance to the area due to the contact with Callahan Development, LLC, but the commissioners are open to taking all serious inquiries into the purchase of the beach.

“I think probably if there’s someone out there that was willing to buy the beach under the conditions that it could be sold with the assumption of the Callahan contract we’d certainly consider it,” stated Norem.

The deed specifies that the property needs to be preserved for outdoor public activities. All written inquires may be mailed to the Starke County Auditor’s office to be directed to Manager Larry Clarich.