Winamac Park Board to Look at Converting Tennis Court into Dual-Purpose Facility

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

The Winamac Park Board has come up with a solution that will let the town expand its pickleball facilities while keeping its tennis court. During last week’s meeting, board member Jon Chapman suggested resurfacing the remaining tennis court, but re-striping it for both sports. That way, when the court isn’t being used for tennis, it could be converted into two side-by-side pickleball courts by adding temporary nets.

Chapman said the town’s pickleball players have already bought their own nets and tried setting up temporary courts. “Well, we’ve been having good numbers of people showing up,” he explained. “We’ve actually gone to a website where people can go in and let others know they’re playing, so that we can maximize the court time because we’ve run out of space. We have been using three and four courts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night that we play. As you know, there’s two courts there.”

Board members agreed to let Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo get prices for a few different options. They include resurfacing and re-striping, resurfacing only, and getting a new removable tennis net.