Culver Residents Address Health Issue with Abandoned Building

Several residents addressed the Culver Town Council members last week about the state of the abandoned City Tavern building at 415 E. Lake Shore Drive in Culver.

The building is not only an unsafe structure, but it’s a health hazard, according to those who spoke of its nuisance to the community.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe assured those in attendance that the council members are aware of the condition of the building. The town has taken legal action for the past two years and it has yet to clear several legal hurdles before any actions can be taken to remedy the hazard.

Documentation has been provided for all of the legal action thus far. Broken glass is evident, kids can get into the building, black mold is hanging from the ceiling, the odor is pungent and can be smelled at neighboring properties, and doors are broken.

The property value has gone down in assessments as well.

There is a court hearing coming up soon to see how much further the town can get in the process.