Lease Agreement Between the Town of North Judson and Fourway Computer Products to be Amended

North Judson Town Attorney Justin Schramm asked for some language to be added to a lease agreement between the Town and Fourway Computer Products during Monday night’s town council meeting.

At a previous meeting, the President of the company, Roland Houin, asked the council to consider upgrading the existing equipment installed on the town’s water tower next to Norwayne Field and removing any redundant or unutilized electronics to make better use of the space. He also proposed expanding coverage and increasing speed by installing equipment with the same capabilities on the West water tower.

A lease agreement was drawn up and it was reviewed by Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe and Town Attorney Schramm.

When council members met on Monday, Schramm asked if some language could be added that states the town would not be responsible for moving the equipment or for any damage that could potentially occur during the town’s water tower improvement projects in 2019.

Houin was present at the meeting and said there would be no issue with adding Schramm’s recommendation into the agreement. The attorney said other than that one suggestion, he had nothing else to add and the document looked good.

Clerk-Treasurer Rowe added that once he makes the addition, the agreement can be considered by the council at their next meeting on Monday, July 16th.