North Judson Town Marshal Discusses Glock Buyback Opportunity

North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher informed town council members about buyback special being offered by the Glock fire-arms company.

She noted that North Judson police officers currently carry 357s and they’re about 20-year-old models. Marshal Fisher stated that the NJPD could trade in their old guns and the company would provide the force with 9mm guns, equipped with night site, for a discounted price of $110 each.

She noted that in addition to the new guns being able to fit in their existing holsters, the ammunition that 9mm guns require would cost about half the price of what they use in their current guns.

Council President Wendy Hoppe asked if Glock would include the old ammunition in their buyback. Fisher said she’s still in the process of researching what exactly the opportunity entails but she thinks that option would be available.

No official actions were taken but Fisher said she will continue to keep the town council members posted with any additional information she gathers.