NJ Police Officers Fine Tune Skills to Move Department Toward Self-Sufficiency

North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher talked with town council members last week about how NJPD is working to achieve self-sufficiency.

She noted, “We’d like to get our department pretty much self-sufficient to where we could do all of our training in-house. We’ve got our training center there at the PD now.”

Marshal Fisher highlighted a few ways they’re accomplishing that feat. Continue reading

Students at St. Peter Lutheran School Help Raise Funds for K9 Bullet-Proof Vest

NJPD K9 Jimy
Photo Source: Peggy Bohac

Students at the St. Peter Lutheran School recently held a fundraiser to help purchase a new bullet-proof vest for the North Judson Police Department’s K9 Jimy.

At Monday evening’s Town Council meeting, Town Marshal Kelly Fisher shared that about $630 was raised through the school’s fundraiser. Marshal Fisher, K9 Handler Officer Rico Simpson and his trusty partner Jimy went to the school at the end of November in order to take part in the incentive event that was promised to students. Continue reading

North Judson Police Department to Host Women’s Self-Defense Class Next Month

The North Judson Police Department wants to ensure that local women and girls are equipped with the skills necessary to protect themselves in case of an emergency.

In her report at Monday night’s North Judson Town Council meeting, Marshal Kelly Fisher mentioned that the police department will host a women’s self-defense class on Saturday, November 10th. Continue reading