Serenity Gardens Mural Project in Knox Could Possibly Start as Soon as This Week

Preliminary Sketch of Serenity Gardens Mural

As long as the weather cooperates and the necessary equipment can be accessed, the mural project at Serenity Gardens in Knox could get started as soon as this week.

Mayor Dennis Estok met with artist Joe Eskridge last Wednesday to go over details related to the project at the corner of Main and Lake Streets. When discussing the strategy of how he plans to tackle the wall mural, Eskridge said he is going to utilize a grid pattern to help break up the work.

He stated that the entire project will be an 8×10 mural and he plans to separate it out into 3×3 squares. Eskridge said he plans to finish about a row a day. He noted that will outline the design with chalk before applying paint to the wall.

Another thing that Estok and Eskridge discussed was the best type of lift to use. They were trying to decide between renting a scissor lift or a telescopic boom lift. After some discussion, they agreed that a telescopic boom would be the most ideal piece of equipment to use on the terrain near the wall.

Eskridge mentioned that the necessary supplies for the project include brushes, as well as containers to mix colors in. He said it is probably possible for him to complete the project with about three primary colors but that would take more time.

They both addressed the fact that it’s important to make sure the paint that is being utilized will be the type that can stick to the wall and that a protective clear coat will be applied after the project.

Eskridge said once he gets started on the project, hopes to complete it in anywhere from 15 to 20 days, depending on availability.